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The '73 Buzzards' Roost

Who (what?) are the Buzzards?

* We are the CIU class of 1973, or at least most of us are.

Origin of the name

* It came from Jim Benton('70) and his expedient for addressing us greenhorn froshes when we swarmed through the door in '69. Not knowing all the new names, he would just sing out, "Hey, Buzzard"!
If he didn't know then that he had created a monster, he does now.     Hi, Jim!

1998 class reunion

* 1998 reunion pictures

Buzzard Bios & News

* Bios and news direct from the flock.

NEW! Latest updates & greetings
* Fred & Pam Thames Tuggy
* Stan & Dottie Piper Smith
* Deb & Paul Haken
* Tricia & Dan Miller

Other disjecta membra of history

* Buzzard Bylines     The Buzzard newsletter that ran from 1973 to 1989.
* Buzzard Bios 1983     A collection of Buzzard bios from 1983.

Apologia and comments

* Do not feed the egos:     A current (more or less) bio from mine host.
* What this website is about;     An excerpt from email correspondence.
* The Buzzard's Roost Dynamited?    A story with an odd sort of relevance.
* Buzzards gather in record numbers:     This was an almost obligatory inclusion.
* Dr. HTML's prescription     Spelling errors in the Buzzard Bios? Naaaah....

The Sisyphean task of website maintenance: some call it job security.  (I'm not actually complaining, you understand ;-} ) The Buzzards' Roost website is maintained and hosted by Steven Parrish. Suggestions welcome, especially those accompanied by contributions in large unmarked bills. Digitized pictures and notes for publication will be accepted every bit as eagerly.

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